Premium dispensing solutions for the most demanding guests. 



It takes a lot of effort to make your guests’ day. A refreshing natural juice or sweet coffee would be a good start, wouldn’t it? We’ll take care of this part of your concern.

Morning rush hour at your self-service restaurant. Everyone has to be well-served with ham&eggs, cereal, fruit … and freshly squeezed natural juice. And a coffee, of course. You don’t have a thousand hands to do it all, but you can do it with fast-performance juice makers that serve natural fruit juices and Bravilors for hot drinks, such as coffee, hot chocolate or warm milk. Simplify your life and improve your business with:


All Inclusive

All-inclusive hotels need all-inclusive dispensing systems: natural juices, carbonated drinks, beer, wine, water and soda, all from the same dispenser.

Your staff probably don’t have the time for hurried carrying of massive amounts of beverages from the storage to the bar, lobby, spa … at your hotel, right? That’s why all-inclusive dispensing systems are perfect for operating with constant fresh beverages at a high capacity self-service with low storage needs.

Lobby / Coctail bar

Your barman’s job is to make state-of-the-art cocktails; our job is to provide the best ingredients with a one-hand bar gun or a full-control system.

From the guest’s point of view it’s great to watch a good barman at his job, mixing cocktails. But it’s great for you as a manager if he is supported by an effective but simple dispensing system with no need to supply the bar with beverages, and a direct connection to the cash register.

Wellness / SPA

Comfort and simplicity for your guests: self-service dispenser with refreshing natural juices, tea or filtered water.

Lower costs for your operation: no need for big coolers, no waste payments. Simple and effective bag-in-box dispensers with constant quality beverages.


With mobile dispenser, independent of water source, enable your guests to be served with coffee, juice, wine … on the spot of the event.

You sure don’t want to walk business guests from congress hall to restaurant and back or waiters carry huge amounts of bottles to hall. At big events it is the frequency which leads to optimal dispensing solutions.