Our company’s heritage is the production of concentrated fruit juices/drinks, which are always made from the best fresh produce we can find all around the world. They come in many flavours, appropriated and tailored to the taste of the local customers, which is the task of our R&D department. Prepare them always fresh and appropriately chilled!

Always freshly prepared and appropriately chilled!

Double Mix

For the most demanding hotel guests (+ four and five star), we have developed high quality 100SOK juice flavoured with apples, berries and concentrated fruit juice with orange and other pulp, which can be served through the dispensers.

100% fruit content without added sugar or artificial sweeteners or any other ingredients;

Products with min. 80% fruit content, rich with pulp to support a healthier lifestyle. These products have a rich taste, high fruit pulp content, natural fruit
cells and are fresh at the same time.

Products with 25-80% fruit content to satisfy high quality and refreshing needs of guests during summer. This line is developed to fulfil the needs
of our customers and partners during the warmest periods of the year.

Our portfolio continues with many additional products, carefully selected to satisfy the local needs of our partners around the globe. You would be surprised how tastes and needs differ from country to country, from culture to culture. Our job is to satisfy each and every one of them. We are extremely happy that customers all over the world recognize us as the most competent partner.

To fulfil the needs of your hotel or restaurant, Nektar Natura juices are divided into specific groups – each of them is designed to the segment of its users and the best possible answer ratio between quality and price of the product.